Check Out The Best Escape Room in Bangalore

A city of startups and IT professionals, Bangalore has much more to offer than just this. With people working round the clock, they need a place to unwind, chill and just have fun. Enigma Cabins is your one-stop for having the fun and adventure that you need after a hectic week. Enigma Cabins are Bangalore’s Best Themed Escape rooms and have many such exciting games to channel your inner adventurer. 

Enigma Cabins have the Best Escape Rooms. An Escape room is a nail-biting experience, where you and your team are trapped in a life-like situation. To escape & win through it, you have to uncover the clues, solve a series of puzzles and find your escape route. Sounds exciting right? It surely is. Anyone who wants to have fun and take up challenges can play this game. It is a team game so you get to enjoy it with your friends and family. Escape rooms are private sessions with their own family or friends and no strangers are going to accompany them. The rooms are sanitized, they have individual AC, and the entire experience is extremely fun and adventurous for you and your loved ones.

Each game lasts for about 60 minutes and 15 minutes of pre-game preparation is required. Escape rooms are 100% safe and we assure you that you are under full-time surveillance by your game master.

Enigma Cabins is a place for absolute fun and total adventure. You don’t have to bring or prepare anything in advance, just look forward to an amazing experience. You don’t even need to be a super-smart or outstandingly knowledgable person to understand and enjoy these games. All you have to do is be open-minded and willing to have fun.

Enigma Cabins ensures that you and your loved ones have a great time in their escape rooms, escaping the hectic work life and just having fun. With various themed escape rooms, you have a variety of options to choose from. 

Enigma Cabins provides more than just escape rooms, they have amazing spaces for business meetings, birthday parties, and all sorts of events to celebrate your day. Enigma Cabins go above and beyond to make your entire time and experience with them a great and unforgettable one. 

Booking a day with Enigma Cabins will open up your mind and soul to a path of adventure that will take you to a destination of fun. Enigma Cabins ensures an adventurous experience like never before. A day filled with mysterious games, tickling your brains, and opening up the idea of escape rooms, Enigma Cabins goes above and beyond to make your time there count. 

With the best escape room in Bangalore, Enigma Cabins should be on your must-visit list making your weekend or weekday, much more enjoyable and memorable.

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